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One of the newest iPhone applications to hit the market is GeoGuide, a 3D maps tool that is meant for people that need more than simple road maps. The problem with most 3D maps is that they are only built for the road system and have no practical application for a person that wants to go hiking or explore areas that are not part of the roadways. On most devices, the road maps are only supplemented by large areas of space that have no description. In contrast, the new application from GeoGuide shows many details that can be useful to someone that wants more than just the bare minimum of road maps.

The technology basis of GeoGuide is from the dual programs of OpenCycleMaps and OpenStreetMaps. These information databases give information that is not typically represented on 3D maps, such as terrain maps that mark elevation levels. In addition, the blank spaces are filled in with points of interests as well as lakes and rivers that can be used by a person to determine their exact location and have access to water sources. Another feature of the app that makes it a strong program is the ability to plug in a certain destination. With the GPS function of the iPhone, the remaining distance will be calculated so a person can plan their route more accurately.

The main problem with these types of 3D maps is that a person might not have Internet access in these remote locations. To combat this issue, GeoGuide has made it possible to download the individual 3D maps to the iPhone and access them without a data connection. A person that is planning a trip can download the trail maps and surrounding area maps to be fully prepared in case they veer off of the original plan. The 3D maps application from GeoGuide represents a new step for the industry and is sure to be a program that is copied by many other developers.