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The idea of 3D maps is usually reserved for programs like Google Earth and GPS devices that help a person receive accurate driving directions, but the truth is that the technology can actually be used in many different ways. One area that has seen the 3D maps technology move out of streets and earth views and into a commercial market is in the real estate sector. Many real estate businesses have realized the dramatic advantages that can be found in creating a three dimensional map of a property that is for sale or rent.

The idea that real estate companies have is that they will reduce the amount of property visits and better educate the potential renter or buyer about a specific property before a visit is made. With the 3D maps that are usually loaded onto the real estate company’s website, a person can do a virtual tour of homes for sale to see if they like the layout of the house. The same is true for apartments for rent, and companies that use the technology have reported a higher conversion rate once the properties are actually seen. In seeing floor plans, a person can easily narrow down their list of properties that they are interested in and only count on those that have the right floor plans.

Other real estate business have jumped on the bandwagon to use the 3D maps in their commercial concerns. One such example is the British company, One Wimpole Street, that has released a website with 3D maps of all of their conference and event space. Not only has this helped to increase sales, but also assists organizations that rent the space with their planning efforts. The emergence of 3D maps as being viable for real estate uses has many people looking to see how the maps could be used in their own sector or company.