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Maps are one of the things that cannot be missed in various circumstances. Most people are aware of the road maps and street maps that are incredibly helpful when traveling to another place by car. Maps have been around for a very long time now and they have continuously increased in popularity as well as evolved, if one may put it like that. A map is nowadays quite different from what it was in the past and there are much more types of maps that have even been invented. Here one can read more about one of these specific types and that is the city map.

City maps are conceived as large scale maps of a certain city which are mainly, though not exclusively, aimed at tourists. City maps are always useful when wanting to learn more about a city while avoiding to get lost. The city maps have also been invented as to enable individuals to travel fast and to get optimal orientation in a city. They feature greatly simplified objects and they are commonly reduced to symbols that everyone would understand. City maps can consist of different types of maps, depending on the group that it is intended for. For instance, city maps usually feature the transportation network and various cultural and touristic sites as well as public institutions. City maps may feature all these together or they may be separately designed for each of these purposes.

Commonly, city maps are designed at a ratio of 1:10,000 or 1:25,000 and in some cases, the most important touristic or densely populated areas may be described even in more detail on an annex of the map. Very important and perhaps central on city maps are the street networks, the points of interest for various individuals, and so on and so forth.