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Contrary to popular belief, the Great Wall of China is not visible from space. However, many curious sights may be seen from high above, by way of satellite pictures taken for digital online maps. This may range from curious shapes to optical illusions, as well as natural formations and man made curiosities. Examples of the latter include a marriage proposal written in large characters on a roof, and land art too. Land art is blended with the natural landscape, using materials such as soil, rock, logs, branches, leaves, and water, and also introduced materials like concrete, metal, asphalt, or mineral pigments.

Another example of this the Osmington White Horse, a hill figure of King George III sculpted in the South Dorset Downs hill in 1908. More recently, famous commercial brands can be seen in several locations such as Nevada, Oregon and Arica (Chile). The face of Genghis Khan and Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man are also visible in some parts of the world. The well known crop circles almost go without saying, at first thought to be the result of unseen forces, now known to be man made.

People may also find natural accidents with familiar forms, such as a heart shaped island, a man shaped lake, and in general faces of actual people or of fictional characters. Next time you are looking at digital online maps you might want to look harder than usual, as you may find more than meets the eye, as it were. It may be just like standing in the shoulder of giants, and be able to spy things that are not available to be seen by just anyone, even though anyone with some time to spare may be able to go online and witness some of these fascinating sights, or even try to find one that nobody has noticed before.