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The use of 3D maps is becoming more and more popular in everyday use. For business, education or leisure you can have 3D maps of anywhere in the world right at your fingertips thanks to the advances in space photography. Geography books are the thing of the past because you just can’t get the detailed views that are available online through one-dimensional pages in a book. Hundreds of sites provide people with 3D mapping software that can be downloaded for any use. People will learn more about the planet that they live on and become more aware of how their decisions affect the sustainability of the planet.

Many softwares and websites download uses satellite images of the Earth’s surface to allow you views of various terrains, cities and buildings around the world. The quality of the 3D imagery would make you feel as if you were actually there. It also allows you to find 3D imagery of different bodies of water and the layers beneath it. With this software the user has the ability to rotate and change the angle of different views as well as panning and zooming.

The different types of views include road view, bird’s eye view street side view and 3D view.

To download the software search for the download link. The browser will prompt you to either run the executable file or save it somewhere on your computer. After the download is complete you mostly will have the option to be taken through a tutorial on using the software. The interface will bring maps from all over the internet to your screen with simple searches. You can even create custom searches that will automatically send you new maps when they become available.