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Maps used to be drawn on a piece of paper, or even papyrus if one goes back to ancient times. Road maps and street maps have always been important for humanity although perhaps for different reasons. If in the past, knowing a territory meant a military advantage, today most people use maps as their main ‘guide’ when traveling to places they have never been to. This is not to be understood that maps are no longer used in the military, but one can successfully argue that their popularity has increased among the civilians and especially throughout the last years.

By the end of the 20th century, it became apparent that there was an increasing trend to use computers for mostly everything that people do, and cartography did not lag behind. By this time computers had become one of the most valuable tools that a cartographer could possess, and one of the most popular computer software used in cartography is the GIS or the Geographic Information Systems. The computer has brought about a change in the ways maps were being produced and in their functionality. Suddenly, the advanced technology was playing an important role in simplifying the projection of places on the real ground to places on the electronic map.

The introduction of computer software in cartography has also led to the development of interactive and computerized maps that can nowadays be seen everywhere. Most individuals have them in their cars as GPS navigating systems that can show them the way, at any point during the day and in any corner of the world. These interactive maps are also capable of planning a route and selecting the best ones, meaning that drivers do no longer have to worry about finding the way to the destination, but they can simply enjoy their ride and focus on the actual driving.