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The race for the perfect mobile 3D maps and navigation application is on. Many telephone manufacturers are now including these maps as part of their standard software, with many companies choosing Google Earth or Microsoft Bing as their primary map sources. Standing out from the crown is Nokia Maps, an application that is meant to give users a vastly improved experience complete with many more possible functions. The latest update of this application saw the addition of many interesting features, including some that were designed to be especially useful for travellers.

The detailed resolution of Nokia Maps is nothing new as many companies are able to offer the same level of detail. On the other hand, Nokia Maps is looking to expand their market share by offering more ability to work within this resolution. A prime example of this 3D maps feature is to make a hotel booking in a major city. A user can zoom into a certain neighborhood of a city and see the hotels that are located in the area. A simple click will take them to a hotel booking page where a reservation can be made. The hotel booking feature of the 3D maps is intended to be used in tandem with the other major release update.

Using popular international cities, Nokia Maps has released a feature that is called heat maps and aims to indicate the popularity of certain areas. By using the heat maps feature and a shopping filter, a person can find the most popular areas in a given city for shopping. Other filters that are provided include restaurants, bars, and points of interest for tourists. Combined with the hotel booking feature, a person can figure out which part of a city will give the best travel experience without having to access multiple websites. Over 50 initial cities have been added to the heat maps and a person can explore areas as diverse as Atlanta and Moscow.