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Garmin Maps has long been known as a major player in GPS navigation, with many devices that can be used for driving directions or street navigation. However, the GPS Garmin devices have been trumped by their newest release of an iPhone navigation app that seeks to gain market share from other providers of similar technologies. In contrast to the competition, the Garmin Maps are an expensive option, with prices of $40 and $50 for different function, but the availability of 3D maps and other features are expected to bring more users away from the native maps function of the phone.

For the $40 price tag, a buyer will get an iPhone navigation app that will cover all of the United States with the exception of the state of Alaska. The higher priced option gives the same features, but with coverage of Alaska and the country of Canada. As a native application, Garmin Maps delivers some impressive results. The interface acts like their GPS Garmin devices, complete with easy searching for various points of interest and excellent navigation capabilities. The interactive experience of the 3D maps also places it above other competitors.

On the other hand, there are also some negative aspects to the Garmin Maps application. Because it is new, some bugs have been experienced and have not yet been addressed. However, the main problem is the extra cost for certain features of the iPhone navigation app. A user can choose to purchase extensions that will give fuel price information and well as traffic reporting that stays up to date. These features are what could set Garmin Maps apart from the competition, but with an extra charge, it remains to be seen whether consumers value traffic reporting or knowledge of local fuel prices enough to cough up the extra money.