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Maps have always played an important role in the history of the world, and they have been invented as a way to keep record on the new places that were discovered around the globe. Later on they were used in the military and nowadays most people buy them, or at least they used to, for traveling purposes. Road maps and street maps have perhaps been the most popular types of maps since the beginning of times because they were able to provide individuals with the information they needed when going to new places. but the traditional printed map is today almost forgotten as electronic and interactive maps have become the new way to stay oriented and to learn more about the world. There are many such maps and most of them are known to the general public, but here one can read more about Google Earth, a different type of map.

Google Earth is probably the most advanced type of maps that one can think of when it comes to learning more about the world. It has appeared thanks to the technological development and it is a virtual globe which can provide individuals with maps and geographical information from all around the world. Google Earth was firstly known as Earth Viewer 3D and it became a Google software when the developing company, Keyhole Inc. was acquired by Google in mid 2000s. Google Earth basically maps the Earth by superimposing images transmitted through satellites, aerial photography and combined with the Geographical Information Systems 3D. The program can be used for personal use and in this case is free, for commercial use, individuals are requested to pay a license though.

Google Earth was released for the second time in 2005 with improved features. It can nowadays be used for free on personal computers supporting Windows 2000 or above, Linux kernel, at least 2.6 versions and for the use of mobile viewers as well.