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There used to be a time when planning a road trip to another country or city involved collecting the necessary road maps, and street maps was one of the first boxes to check on the check list. Also, there used to be a time when people visiting other cities, far from their home would first stop at a touristic information point to get a map. This does not however happen anymore. There are different ways in which people can nowadays find their way in a new place without having to carry around the colorful map we all learned to read when we were young. Technological advance has allowed electronic maps to replace the traditional map, and this has happened quicker than most people would have thought. While there are many types of electronic maps, this article is mainly concerned with Google maps.

Google maps are distributed over the internet as a free product, for non-commercial use. It usessatellites and it provides its visitors with street maps and a route planner, and each of them might have been designed for different types of traveling such as by foot, car, bike or even public transportation. Contrary to common belief, the Google maps are not updated in real time and they may be months or even years old. However, they remain incredibly popular among individuals who need to check directions before leaving their house or those who have mobile phones with operating systems that support internet connection and thus Google maps.

The maps on Google maps are quite extensive as they have been constantly improved over time. The interface allows the viewer to virtually travel on the street and to check out the shops or buildings on that street, which helps when looking for something specific. There is no doubt that everyone knows about Google maps as they are free and so helpful.