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Google Street View cars are vehicles designed to take 3D photos of cities, buildings, bridges and touristic attractions in order to map them on 3D maps of the Earth. Digital maps are very popular on the internet because they give the viewer the opportunity to see places from all around the world in 3D perspective. Google Street View has gained popularity because it can take users anywhere in the world.

The cars that Google is using to constantly update its huge Street View data base are Immersive Media’s vehicles with wielding cameras that are attached on top of the car. The cameras can do a 360-degree georeferenced spherical video of the surroundings. In the beginning of the Google project, when Street View had only photos of backdoor alleys in New York, the media giant used cars like Volkswagen Beetle. Now it has upgraded its vehicle deposit with special tricycles, which are hard to spot and very effective. Now street mapping can go places it has never been before. The tricycle weights almost 250 pounds and is 9 foot long. It also has a camera placed 7 feet above the back so that is can record backwards, frontwards and it can tilt its angles to get a good view of all the skyscrapers.

To get into places where cars will never fit, Google Street View uses a special trike that is designed to go into parks, university campuses and sports stadiums. Other equipments include the Street View snowmobile and the Street View trolley. The trolley is used for museums because it can easily navigate around sculptures.

The Street View project started with a few computers packed into the back of SUVs that roamed the streets of New York. Now the project includes locations in all seven continents with 360-degree panoramic view.