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People have been using maps for years and years. Traditionally, maps were made of paper and normally used to find a destination or learn the area around you. Now, however, there are many different types of maps available. There are still paper maps, but now you can find all new types of paper maps for more specific areas, such as a map of a mall, for instance. Instead of using paper maps just to find your way around a certain area, however, we now use maps for a greater amount of reasons. One reason people living on the coasts of our countries can rely on maps is during hurricane season. There are now maps posted online, and on television by weather reporters, that can give you information about upcoming storms. Now, instead of waiting out a storm, you can log on to one of these websites and find out what time the storm will hit, preparing you to be able to evacuate if needed or to stock up on supplies such as water bottles, flashlights, and candles. These maps will also be able to tell you how close the storm will actually get to you. For example, you can find out that a hurricane will be closest to your town at eight o’clock at night on a Tuesday and it will be exactly seventy eight miles away. By having this kind of information it will also help you decide whether or not opening your business will be a smart idea, whether or not it would be useful to board up the windows in your home or building, or if you leave the area completely. In addition to all of this information, you can also find out the speed of the wind during the time period that the storm will be near you and how many inches of rain you are expected to have. Having this information could help you decide beforehand if you need to cut down a dangerous tree or maybe move your car to a location that is not near any trees or areas privy to flooding. These maps, instead of helping you find your destination, could instead help you save the area you live in now.