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Electronic maps have contributed to a change in the ways that people perceive the world and this is no secret nor is there any doubt about this fact. The old school road maps and street maps, printed while taking into consideration international conventions are much surpassed. Nowadays people can simply go online or buy a GPS device that will show them the way with no effort and most accuracy. There are many types of electronic maps and many of them area available online. Here is all about ABmaps and the technology that can be used every time one needs a reliable map from around the world. is an online website that provides individuals with accurate maps from all around the world. Its services are comparable to that of Windows Live Local and Google Maps and it includes services such as route planning, address finding and simple map viewing. At the same time, may provide the viewer with services such as driving directions, point of interest lookup, traffic information (in real time), and even weather forecast for the destination location. The mapping engine on which is built on is developed by AtlasCT and the technology is similar to that used for Google maps and which is based on satellite streaming. As with Google maps, does not use real time streaming and the maps might be several months or years old.

ABmaps are available on the internet but they can be easily accessed through one’s mobile phone provided that the mobile phone can support such data transmission. The maps can be seen through ABmaps Mobile application and the maps do not have to be downloaded on the device but they can only be viewed as provided by the satellite imagery and through the GPRS systems. ABmaps may also provide its viewers with global maps.