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Tell me something: What is your favorite product? Have you ever been interested in where it’s produced? Well, now you can. There is nothing stopping you or any of us from finding anything on the planet, any city, any village or any piece of land. Technology has evolved to the point where the internet is intertwined with everything and we are able to use it to our advantage at any point and for basically anything.

You can order anything from the Internet and you could also find out where that country or that city in the website is exactly on the map. In the past few decades we have managed to go from large computer rooms to small and advanced gadgets that can do much more, and somewhere along the way we have made it possible for digital maps to exist.

Ever since the launch of the first satellite in space we have been able to see the world from above and some were actually able to scout and study the world from those images. When the computer and the internet came, that allowed most of us to view larger photos and also share them between us. The first maps we put online and we all gained access to world maps from a new point of view.

Modern technology has made a use of satellite maps and some programs and companies allow us to see 3d maps of the world at any time of day or night we wish. The map of the world is as beautiful as it is intriguing and a lot of us have had the possibility to see it on a computer, maximized to its full capacity and in its full beauty. The world map has now become available to any gadget and we can view it any time we like.