The World of Google Earth

There are many three dimensional maps of the earth present on the Internet for a person to choose from. Fittingly, the most comprehensive of these map options comes from one of the world’s leading technology companies. Known as Google Earth, the global maps are provided by Google, the search engine company that has expanded into other software platforms. The Google Earth program can either be run from the cloud or from a user’s desktop for a more interactive experience. In tandem with Google Maps, the pair of programs gives much more than just the standard political boundaries that are found with other services.

In the year 2008, the Google Earth program added a feature that gave a unique twist to the map program. Starting with version 4.3, a person that played with the program could access street view in select locations. The street view feature is exactly what it sounds like, placing the perspective from a street and giving a three dimensional representation of the landscape and buildings. The street view perspective was compiled from millions of user photos that were weaved together in an elaborate quilt that provides better navigation of certain areas.

In addition, the Google Earth program started to include user photos in other locations where street view was not yet available. In this manner, a person could explore the globe from the comfort of their own home, with detailed pictures of very remote locations. In addition, a functional use of the user photos has been found with the Google Maps program. A person that is looking for point to point directions can access the photos to find specific landmarks to help with navigation purposes and more accurate directions. Google Earth remains the most popular three dimensional mapping software on the planet due to its unique features.

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